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We are schysstare

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Yes! You’re here! 🙌

This is the best. Day. EVER! We are almost certainly, looking for someone exactly like you. Good thing that you stumbled in here.  

Oh, yeah, right. Manners. We’re Zimpler (if the giant headline didn’t give it away). We’ve been tinkering with the payment experience for about six years now. Fixing this, improving that. Simplifying difficult things, smoothing out rough edges and adding heart to an industry that needed one.

Again, great to have you here! Take a look around, grab a coffee, and peruse what we offer a bright individual such as yourself.

You get to do this.

Every single day

🧪 Experiment.
Were you the kind of kid that made sandwiches with anchovies, candy floss and melted cheese? Are you still that kid? Then you’re gonna love it here. We adore trying out new things.
🐺 Play well with others.
Teamwork is the heart and soul of creativity. No matter if you’re coding, peddling our product or whooping ass in Mario Kart, your team got your back.
Impact stuff.
You are the expert on your thing and your input will make us level up. Teaming up with Zimpler means involving with the job of improving what we do and how we do it.

Perks & Benefits

We want to provide the best working environment out there. That means that you’ll be an active part of influencing that environment. Are you doing your best thinking in a ball pit? Our Product Owner will be able to hook you up (dead serious). But it’s not all on you. We already got these things in place:

  • Office in the City Center

    You will be right in the pulse of Gothenburg or Stockholm. Easy to get to by bus, train, scooter or bike. Perfect location also makes it super easy to travel between our offices.

  • Health benefits

    You get 3000 sek to spend on whatever makes you happy. As long as it is a sport that is condoned by Skatteverket.​

  • Endless knowledge

    We basically have an unlimited budget for books. Order whatever you want to know more about. We also have a bag of money for every employee that they can spend on education. And of course, you’re encouraged to go to meet-ups, conferences and seminars.

Döbelnsgatan 12
113 58 Stockholm Directions info@zimpler.com +46 (0) 775 161 740 View page


Vasaplatsen 2
411 34 Göteborg Directions info@zimpler.com +46 (0) 775 161 740 View page

Already working at Zimpler?

Let’s recruit together and find your next colleague.

  • Daniela Fernandes
  • Emelie Rönnerfors
  • Emil Forsén
  • Fredrik Kellermann
  • Hugo Svallfors
  • Jean-Louis Giordano
  • Johan Friis
  • Johan Strand
  • Jonas Collberg
  • Jonas Persson

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